Information Brochure

Publish an Information Brochure that describes AdLSs, crystallography, and the many fields that they impact.

The Information Brochure will be developed by a Brochure Committee. The EC will appoint the Chair. The Committee will engage those who have undertaken similar initiatives and develop a professional quality color brochure (hard copy and online) containing information on the various AdLS components, disciplines impacted by AdLSs and crystallography, and experimental beamline techniques. The EC will monitor this activity. 

LAAAMP Brochure

A 24-page brochure entitled “Advanced Light Sources and Crystallography: Tools of Discovery and Innovation” (Version 2) is available here for downloading.

This version is available in English, French and Spanish.

The LAAAMP brochure is aimed at explaining light sources and crystallography to a large general audience: the general public, ministers and legislators responsible for funding science and technology facilities, university professors and high school science teachers and their students.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed and should be sent directly to Ernie Malamud, Editor. 

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LAAAMP Brochure, Version 2
Language: English

(PDF file, 5.4 MB)


LAAAMP Brochure, Version 2
Language: Spanish

(PDF file, 4.7 MB)


LAAAMP Brochure, Version 2
Language: French

(PDF file, 4.7 MB)



Ernie Malamud, Scientist Emeritus, Fermilab; University of Nevada, Reno

Hitoshi Abe, Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK, Japan
Chas Andre, Chief Technology Officer, Depixus, France and UK
Miguel A. Garcia Aranda, Scientific Director, ALBA (Spain)
John Baglin, International Union of Materials Research Societies
Grant Barnes, Editor (retired), Stanford University Press
Isabelle Boscaro, Head of Communications, Diamond Light Source, UK
Alan Cooper, The Open University (retired), UK
Jean-Michel Daubourg, Architect (Paris)
Dmitri Denisov, Distinguished Scientist, Fermilab
Olivia Diaz, Director Emeritus, SciTech Hands-on Museum, Aurora, Illinois
Zhe Duan, High Energy Photon Source, China
Hester Esna du Plessis, Manager X-ray and Synchrotron Group Technology, Sasol
Tutti Johansson Falk, Head of Communications, MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University
Rick Fenner, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
Aiveen Finn, Scientific Communications Manager, Diamond Light Source (UK)
Andrea Lausi, ELETTRA, Trieste, Italy; lightsources.org
Bruce Malamud, Department of Geography, Kings College, London
Bruce McKeller, President, IUPAP
Brian McMahon, Editorial Office, IUCr
Connie McNeely, George Mason University
Ed Mitchell, Head of Business Development, ESRF
Brian Masara, South African Institute of Physics
Sekazi Mtingwa, Principal Partner, TriSEED Consultants; Winner 2017 APS Wilson Prize
Luciana Noronha, Communications Department, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Özgül Öztürk,, Chair, LAAMP Middle East User Committee; Chair, SESAME User Committee
Qing Qin, Director, High Energy Photon Source (China)
Sandro Scandolo, Head, Scientific Programmes and Outreach, ICTP
Qun Shen, Deputy Director for Science, NSLS-II, USA
Peter Strickland, Executive Managing Editor, IUCr
Ian Swainson, Physics Section, International Atomic Energy Agency
Adriana J. Wawrzyniak, Machine Deputy Director, Solaris, Poland
Herman Winick, Professor Emeritus, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
Lawrence Woolf, President, General Atomics Science Education Foundation
Ada Yonath, Weizmann Institute of Science; 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Michele Zema, Executive Outreach Officer, IUCr

Editor’s note:  Many people are contributing to the creation of the LAAAMP brochure.  More are welcome.  If interested, please contact the Editor at malamud@foothill.net.  The brochure will evolve through several editions during the course of the ICSU grant as feedback is received and as French and Spanish versions are produced to better reach audiences in the LAAAMP targeted regions.