LAAAMP Sponsors

Any company that wants to support the implementation of scientific instrumentation and infrastructure worldwide and the discussions towards the establishment of AdLS facilities in the emerging regions, as well as the training of young researchers can be a sponsor of LAAAMP.

LAAAMP Sponsors can actively participate in the Faculty-Student (FAST) teams mobility programme as well as in the LAAAMP Colloquium programme, and in this way contribute to guaranteeing the continuation of the programme even after the ICSU grant has ended in 2019.

Sponsorship opportunities

Logo + company description in dedicated section on LAAAMP website; logo in LAAAMP information pages published in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation US $1,000
Grant for a FAST team to spend two months at a partner AdLS. The grant will be named and advertised as "LAAAMP-Company name" grant* US $4,000
(in addition to sponsorship fee)
Colloquium presentation, which will be named and advertised as "LAAAMP-Company name" Colloquium* US $2,000
(in addition to sponsorship fee)

*Partial contributions to FAST grants and Colloquium presentations on a non-exclusive basis are also possible.

Sponsorship opportunities for the LAAAMP closing meeting at UNESCO (scheduled for December 2019) to present the Regional Strategic Plans and define Roadmaps for the development of more detailed Business Plans that include feasibility studies of constructing AdLSs in regions where they do not yet exist will be given at a later stage.

For more information, please contact Andrea Sharpe