Call for 2023 FAST Team Applications

Call for applications for Faculty-Student Teams to spend 2 months during 2023 at participating AdLSs now open. DEADLINE: 30 September 2022.

CALL for APPLICATIONS for Faculty-Student Teams from the Pacific Island to Spend Two (2) Months during 2023 at Participating Advanced Light Sources

DEADLINE: 20 September 2022

Who is Eligible?

Faculty: Employed as a full-time faculty member at an accredited Ph.D. granting university in the Pacific Islands. Accompanied by one’s Ph.D. student research advisee. Interested in using AdLSs to further one’s research and training endeavors. Previous experience with using AdLSs is limited to a year or less. Ability to spend two (2) months during Calendar Year 2023 as a full-time visitor in residence at an AdLS that is a LAAAMP Collaborative Partner. 

Student: Registered as full-time Ph.D. student at an accredited university that is located in the Pacific Islands. Accompanied by one’s faculty research advisor.  Interested in using AdLSs in one’s dissertation research.  Ablitity to spend two (2) months during during Calendar Year 2023 as a full-time visitor in residence at an AdLS that is a LAAAMP collaborative partner.

Amount of Financial Support

LAAAMP will provide 1,818 Euros per person to cover transportation costs. Any excess ill be applied to accommodation and subsistence. The remainder of accommodation and subsistence should be negotiated with the host AdLS and other sources of support.


At the conclusion of the visit to the host AdLS, the Faculty-Student Team should provide the following:
1. Maximum 10-page description of the research conducted, including any publications that result. All publications should acknowledge the support provided by LAAAMP.

2. Maximum 3-page report that evaluates the non-scientific aspects of the visit, including positive experiences as well as ways that the visit could be enhanced in the future.

Click here to read the full call and download the application form

Note: Final funding is dependent upon suitable arrangements being made with a LAAAMP AdLS Collaborative Partner.

Posted 22 Apr 2022