LAAMP Committees nominated

The first meeting of the main proposers and coordinators of the IUPAP-IUCr project was held on 14 February 2017 via teleconference. The acronym LAAMP (Lightsources for Africa, the Americas and the Middle East Project) was chosen to refer to the whole initiative. The LAAMP Executive Committee has been nominated and is formed by: Sandro Scandolo (Chair), Michele Zema and Sekazi Mtingwa.

Reflecting the various tasks and the geographical scope of the initiative, the LAAMP Committee will be constituted by:

  • an Executive Committee
  • a Budget Manager
  • four Regional AdLS Usage & Strategic Plan Committees (USPC) for the four Regions targeted: Africa, Mexico, the Carribean and the Middle East
  • a Steering Committee, formed by representatives of the partner organizations
  • a Brochure Committee
  • an Organizing Committee for the final meeting at UNESCO
  • institutional observers
The majority of the members of the various committees have been appointed. Details are reported under the tab "Committees".

Posted 30 Mar 2017