LAAAMP brochure now available in Portuguese

The LAAAMP brochure is now available for free download in five different languages. Thanks to IAEA for providing the Portuguese translation.

A major part of the funding for the brochure “Advanced Light Sources and Crystallography: Tools of Discovery and Innovation” was provided out of a 3-year grant from the International Science Council. The original brochure was in English. Subsequently a great deal of financial and technical support to translate the English version into 4 other languages -- French, Spanish, Arabic and Portugese came from IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, headquartered in Vienna, and spear headed by Dr. Ian Swainson. A large number of people contributed in many different ways and at many different levels -- writing paragraphs, providing photographs, proof reading various version and sending me suggestions and corrections. Their names are linked here.   

Posted 31 Jul 2020