The contribution submitted by LAAAMP to the next European Crystallography Meeting has been accepted for oral presentation!


An oral presentation on FAST Training Programme at synchrotron facilities by IUPAP-IUCr LAAAMP project has been included in the programme of the microsymposium on "Education in Crystallography" (Chairs: Mike Glazer, Aleksandar Visnjevac) at the 31st European Crystallography Meeting (ECM31) to be held in Oviedo (Spain) on 22-27 August 2018.

This microsymposium is provisionally scheduled for the Sunday, 26 August, between 14:00 and 16:00 h.


FAST Training Programme at synchrotron facilities by IUPAP-IUCr LAAAMP project

Michele Zema, Sekazi K. Mtingwa, Sandro Scandolo

Synchrotron Light Sources are the most sophisticated example of an open and multidisciplinary research infrastructure. They have revolutionized research in many science and technology disciplines, leading to a proliferation of facilities worldwide. These, in turn, have facilitated the creation of international scientific communities, improving education and creating new job opportunities, successfully contributing to the socio-economic development of countries and regions. Because of their high costs and multidisciplinary use, synchrotron facilities provide strong opportunities for integration through networking and cost-sharing, and promote multi-disciplinary collaboration with the wider global community, while promoting science diplomacy and peace at large. Thus, light sources have become prime enablers of scientific and technological progress and innovation.

The website has links to some 47 Advanced Light Source (AdLS) facilities in 23 countries in various stages of operation, construction or planning, with some regions being poorly represented (e.g. Latin America and the Caribbean and SE Asia) or not represented at all (Africa). Discussions have started towards the establishment of facilities in those regions, while learning from the experiences of the Brazilian LNLS and SESAME.

Within this framework, the IUPAP and the IUCr have developed a programme named LAAAMP (Lightsources for Africa, the Americas, Asia and Middle East Project), funded by the 2016-2019 ICSU Grants Programme, to promote AdLS-related science in such regions, and focusing on training young researchers, reaching out to professionals, and engaging the public and governmental officials in discussions about the role that AdLSs could play to improve their countries' educational institutions, economies, social structures, health and world competitiveness.

One of the main tasks of LAAAMP is the training programme for FAculty-STudent (FAST) teams from targeted regions (namely, Africa, the Caribbean, Mexico, SE Asia or the Middle East) to spend two months at partner AdLSs. The participation of a professor accompanied by his/her PhD student in the training programme makes the experience more challenging and rewarding for the awardees, and, at the same time, proves very efficient in terms of continuation of the activities even after the mobility period. Awarded FAST teams are requested to provide a description of the research conducted, including any resultant publications, and an evaluation of the non-scientific aspects of the visit. The programme also includes the possibility for awarded FAST teams, who have been successful during their first visit, to apply for continuing grants.

Details on the LAAAMP FAST training programme are at

Posted 24 May 2018