Joint PCCr2/AfLS2 Conference supported by LAAAMP

The 2nd African Light Source Conference will be held jointly with the 2nd Panafrican Conference on Crystallography in Accra, Ghana, on 28 Jan to 2 Feb 2019.

The 2nd Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr2) and The 2nd African Light Source Conference (AfLS2) will hold a joint Conference. It is co-located, and interdigitated, with both shared and parallel sessions. This joint conference will cover topics that include Medical Sciences, Heritage Sciences, Geosciences, Environmental sciences, Energy Sciences, Nano Sciences, Materials Sciences, Mineral Sciences, Accelerator and Detector Sciences, Competitive Industry, Capacity Building and Infrastructures. There will also be sessions on the strategy and vision for an African light source.

The PCCr2 follows a very successful first Pan African Conference on Crystallography (PCCr1) held in Dschang, Cameroon, in 2016. The Pan African Conference on Crystallography is designed to bring together crystallographers, mineralogists and solid state scientists from Africa and beyond. The aim is to promote crystallography and explore educational opportunities for researchers in the field. The benefits of which are not just limited to academia, but industry as well. Attending PCCr2 will help you share and gain more knowledge and grow your professional network as well as discovering new opportunities for growth in your career or academia. The Conference continues to attract more researchers and scientists as the years go on.  

The AfLS2, under the title "Towards a brighter future", comes after the successful first African Light Source Conference and Workshop (AfLS1) held at the ESRF in Grenoble in November 2015. During the AfLS1, the roadmap towards the ultimate establishment of an AfLS was developed, together with a Steering Committee which had both a large African and global footprint. The Roadmap relates to developing the user base, the projects, deep capacity building, promoting networks, scientific and technical exchanges, building associated local infrastructural capacity, raising the profile of the project politically and developing the Pan African strategic plan with African leadership. The second African light source conference will review the light source based science and also progresses the vision of an African Light Source.

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Posted 10 Sep 2018