Crystallography training at the X-TechLab: call for applications open

Apply now to attend the 2-week X-ray crystallography training session at the X-TechLab, Cotonou (Benin), 21 November - 2 December 2022.  DEADLINE: 25 October 2022.

X-TechLab training session web page 

Twenty (20) grants offered by Sèmè City and the French Embassy in Benin are available to cover travel and accommodation costs.

Topics covered 

Module I: Fundamentals of X-ray crystallography
History of Crystallography, X-ray diffraction compared with other structural techniques, crystalline state, crystal lattice, Miller indices, crystal symmetry (point group symmetry, translational symmetry, space groups, etc.).

Module II: Crystal diffraction theory and experiment
Introduction to X-rays & X ray sources, diffraction of X-rays by crystals, instrumentation, crystal growth, selection & mounting, Fourier maps, introduction to structure solution methods, crystal diffraction data processing, twining, polymorphism.

Module III: Hands-on experience with the use of equipment
Crystal selection & mounting, unit cell determination, diffraction data collection and reduction.

Module IV: Crystal structure solution & refinement
Crystal structure solution, refinement, absolute structure determination, interpretation of results & validation, tutorials on the use of the Cambridge Structural Database.

Module V: Crystallography in specific areas
Introduction to bio-crystallography, crystallography in the development of magnetic thin films materials for computing applications, introduction to high pressure single crystal X-ray diffraction, sublimation of multi-component crystals.

Posted 06 Oct 2022