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LAAMP kick-off meeting @IUCr2017

Start Date 23rd Aug 2017
End Date 23rd Aug 2017
[2017: LAAMP kickoff event: Group photo]

A kick-off meeting of the LAAMP (Lightsources for Africa, the Americas, and Middle East Project) has been held as part of the 24th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography.

Through this project, entitled in full Utilisation of Light Source and Crystallographic Sciences to Facilitate the Enhancement of Knowledge and Improve the Economic and Social Conditions in Targeted Regions of the World, ICSU will partner with IUPAP and IUCr to enhance Advanced Light Sources (AdLS) and crystallographic sciences in Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean and Middle East.


Chairs: Michele Zema (IUCr) and Sandro Scandolo (IUPAP)

10:30-10:35 M.L. Hackert (IUCr President), Welcome and Opening remarks
10:35-10:50 D. Nyanganyura (ICSU-ROA Director), The 2016-2019 ICSU Grants Programme
10:50-11:05 M. Zema and S. Scandolo (LAAMP EC), Introduction to LAAMP
11:05-11:20 J.P. Ngome Abiaga (UNESCO IBSP Deputy Executive Secretary), Light sources and the sustainable development goals
11:20-11:30 S. Scandolo (IUPAP, UNESCO ICTP), LAAMP in the context of the IUPAP outreach initiatives
11:30-11:40 M. Zema (IUCr), LAAMP in the context of the IUCr outreach initiatives
11:40-11:55 A. Lausi (ELETTRA), The role of partnering AdLSs and the LAAMP brochure
11:55-12:10 A. Craievich (U. São Paulo), Brazilian synchrotron light sources: Development and contribution to scientific integration in Latin America
12:10-12:25 R. Garratt (São Carlos Institute of Physics), A brief history of protein crystallography in Brazil - the central role of a synchrotron facility
12:25-12:40 G. Kamel (SESAME), The impact of SESAME to scientific development in the Middle-East and the neighbouring regions
12:40-12:50 A. Roodt (U. Bloemfontein), The African Light Source: dreaming of a brighter future
12:50-13:05 M. Zema and S. Scandolo (LAAMP EC), Roundtable and Concluding remarks

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Location Hyderabad
Contact Michele Zema
URL http://laamp.iucr.org