Colloquium Programme

The Colloquium Programme will dispatch experienced AdLS users and crystallographers to universities and other institutions and private enterprises for 3-day visits to give presentations on the capabilities of AdLSs and crystallography and engage in discussions on how they can enhance researchers' investigations and offer career opportunities for university students. While in a given location, the lecturers will visit government officials and secondary schools to inform officials, teachers and students of the successes of AdLS and crystallographic sciences. Given the Zika, Ebola and HIV crises in the various regions, the Colloquium Programme should be extremely attractive to biological infectious disease researchers and governmental ministries of science, technology, health and education. The Colloquium Programme will serve as a recruiting tool for new AdLS users and crystallographers.

Prof. Diego G. Lamas Costa Rica 4th Dec 2017 2:00pm-3:30pm
Dr Thierry d’Almeida Benin 4th May 2018 - 5th May 2018
Dr Prosper Ngabonziza Rwanda 15th Dec 2017 - 20th Dec 2017